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  [Florida] Muller 1692 3.0x2.6   Southern United States Paulus Swaen Old Map 2017 $$$  
  [Map of Western America with Great Lakes region] Schrambl 1788 19.7x22.8   Canada & United States Paulus Swaen Old Map 2017 $$$  
  [Text page with Compass card] Blaeu 1644 19.5x11.2   Cartographic Miscellany, Paulus Swaen Old Map 2018 $$$  
  Suffolk Drawn From An Actual Survey With Improvements Kitchin 1795 5.9x8.3   England Jonathan Potter Ltd 2014 $$$  
  Franckfurt an der Oder Anno Dni 1548 [and] Franckoford... Munster 1550 unknown   Frankfurt, Germany Old World Auctions 2013 $$$  
  Gedenkwaerdige gesantschappen der Oost-Indische Maetsc... Montanus c. 1681 unknown   Books with maps, Japan Asher & Company 2017 $$$  
  Mitchell's Map of the United States; Showing the Princ... Mitchell 1836 19.1x23.6   Eastern United States Old World Auctions 2015 $$$  
  Travels in New-England and New-York Dwight 1821-2 unknown   Books with maps, New Eng Swann Galleries Inc 2016 $$$  
  "Chicago That Was" Anonymous 1871 9.5x7.5   Chicago Illinois The Old Map Gallery 2012 $$$  
  "Chuckle" Map of Tennessee Anthropomorphic & Ca 1960 9.0x30.0   Tennessee The Old Map Gallery 2012 $$$  
  "Geyserland and Wonderland" A View and Guide Book of t... Hatfield 1902 4.6x6.0   Wyoming - Yellowstone Pa Old World Auctions 2007 $$$  
  "Honor to Whom Honor is Due" Origin of Steam Navigatio... HUTCHINGS 1846 14.0x18.3   New York Old World Auctions 2006 $$$  
  "Honor to Whom Honor is Due." Origin of Steam Navigati... HUTCHINGS 1846 14.0x18.0   New York City Old World Auctions 2007 $$$  
  "Honor to Whom Honor is Due." Origin of Steam Navigati... HUTCHINGS 1846 14.6x18.1   New York Dumont Maps & Books 2006 $$$  
  "Honor to Whom Honor is Due." Origin of Steam Navigati... HUTCHINGS 1846 23.6x23.6   New York High Ridge Books Inc 1991 $$$  
  "Johnson's" Section Map and Index of the New England S... Johnson [& Co.] 1894 26.0x36.0   New England Old World Auctions 2006 $$$  
  "Poplar City" Connecting The Cities of San Jose and Sa... THOMPSON and WEST 1876 16.5x25.0   California Barry L. Ruderman An 2011 $$$  
  "Soo Line" The Scenic Route between St. Paul, Minneapo... Railroad Companies 1896 7.5x26.8   Northwestern United Stat High Ridge Books Inc 2011 $$$  
  "Standard Guide" Map of the State of Florida Furnished... Railroad Companies 1891 27.5x15.5   Florida Old World Auctions 2007 $$$  
  "Surveys for Military Defences" Map of N.Eastern Virgi... U.S. War Department 1862 64.2x49.6   Virginia High Ridge Books Inc 1994 $$$  
  "T" Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico, to Accompa... U.S. State Surveys 1856 22.4x32.3   New Mexico Murray Hudson Antiqu 1984 $$$  
  "The Situation" - View of Chicago Showing the Two Unio... Poole Brothers 1899 25.6x38.6   Illinois The Old Map Gallery 2007 $$$  
  "The Times" Map of British South Africa, the Transvaal... London Times c.1900 34.6x26.0   Southern Africa Jonathan Potter Ltd 2010 $$$  
  & Omne cum Tot Sideribus Caelum Se Movit in Illo Bailliu 1676 5.6x3.9   Frontispiece Old World Auctions 2013 $$$  
  'An Accurate map of the British, French and Spanish Se... Gibson 1763 12.2x14.2   North America Map Mogul Ltd. 2005 $$$  

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