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  University of California - Berkeley California 1888 8.1x12.3   The Old Print Galler 2015 $$$  
  Public Land and Mining Laws of Alaska, the Northwest T... Books with maps, Alaska 1898 5.9x3.9   PBA Galleries 2016 $$$  
  Letters on the United Provinces of South America, addr... Books with maps, South A 1819 unknown   PBA Galleries 2016 $$$  
  Journal de la Belgique. Pieces Officielles. Nouvelles ... Cartographic Miscellany, 1815 11.2x9.3   Old World Auctions 2017 $$$  
  An Authentic Plan of the River St. Laurence, from Sill... Quebec, Canada 1759-60 unknown   Old World Auctions 2013 $$$  
  A Correct Map of the Georgia Western Territory [and] M... Southern United States 1797-1860 unknown   Old World Auctions 2013 $$$  
  Map of the United States United States 1833 11.6x14.3   Old World Auctions 2017 $$$  
  [Moon Globe] Globes 1969 10.0x10.0   Old World Auctions 2015 $$$  
  Journal Economique ou Mémoires, Notes et Avis sur L'Ag... Exploration and Surveys, 1753 6.7x3.7   PBA Galleries 2015 $$$  
  Mills College California 1888 7.6x10.9   The Old Print Galler 2015 $$$  
  Miscellanies by the Honourable Daines Barrington Books with maps, Western 1781 11.2x8.9   PBA Galleries 2015 $$$  
  Charte von der Mundung des Mississipi Mississippi River, Louis 1803 6.7x8.5   Old World Auctions 2017 $$$  
  Journal de la Belgique. Pieces Officielles. Nouvelles ... Cartographic Miscellany, 1815 10.9x9.1   Old World Auctions 2016 $$$  
  A Topographical Description of the Western Territory O... Books with maps, United 1793 6.3x3.9   PBA Galleries 2018 $$$  
  Travels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower Amoor an... Books with maps, Central 1860 unknown   PBA Galleries 2016 $$$  
  Travels in South Africa: Undertaken at the Request of ... Books with maps, Souther 1816 9.1x4.9   PBA Galleries 2016 $$$  
  Carte Routière de la Cochinchine et du Cambodge Southeast Asia 1928 37.8x29.9   PBA Galleries 2015 $$$  
  Conflit Hispano Americain - Carte du Theatre de la Gue... North Atlantic, Cuba, Sp 1898 20.4x28.3   Old World Auctions 2016 $$$  
  Belgium and Northern France Showing Geographic Divisio... Belgium, Northern France 1925 15.4x13.5   Old World Auctions 2016 $$$  
  Bethanien in St. Jan St. John & St. Thomas 1777 7.0x9.0   Old World Auctions 2017 $$$  
  Mandinga Keys Islas Robeson San Blas Gulf Panama North... Northern Panama 1970 19.6x25.4   Old World Auctions 2015 $$$  
  Zbrodnie Hitlerowskie na Ziemiach Polski w Latach 1939-45 Poland 1962 57.5x46.3   Old World Auctions 2015 $$$  
  Carte du Theatre de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise Korea 1904 18.1x13.1   Old World Auctions 2016 $$$  
  Fondeaderos Republica de Colombia Costa Norte Northern Colombia 1970 18.7x33.2   Old World Auctions 2015 $$$  
  A New Chart of the River St. Lawrence from the Island ... St. Lawrence River, Cana 1759 7.2x10.2   Old World Auctions 2014 $$$  

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