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unknown     Insulae et Principatus Rugiae cum vicinis Pomeraniae Germany Homann 1732 Barry L. Ruderman An 2001 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] The Life of George Washington. Maps and Subscr... United States Marshall 1807 Richard B. Arkway, I 1999 $$$  
unknown     A Map of the British Empire in America with the French... Eastern North America & Popple 1733 Richard B. Arkway, I 1999 $$$  
unknown     Naples Naples, Italy Munster 1579 Barry L. Ruderman An 2001 $$$  
unknown     Plan du Port du Cap ... [in set with] ... Mole de St. ... Hispaniola Bellin 1768 Antique Atlas 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Isolario di Benedetto Bordone nel qual si Ragi... World Bordone 1547 Antique Atlas 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Cary's New Map of England and Wales, with Part... England & Wales Cary 1822 High Ridge Books Inc 1999 $$$  
unknown     City of Charleston, Capitol of West Virginia West Virginia LOCAL & STATE MAPS - 1873 Richard Fitch Old Ma 2000 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Historiae Universalis Auctarium sive Nuclei Hi... World Bucelin 1658 Jonathan Potter Ltd 2000 $$$  
unknown     Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island ... New England - United Sta Sumner [& Co.] 1833 Dorothy Sloan Rare B 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri Qu... World Bertius 1602 Dorothy Sloan Rare B 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Atlas of the Entire City of New York New York Bromley 1879 Swann Galleries Inc 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] New Topographical Atlas of the State of Pennsy... Pennsylvania Walling & Gray 1872 Quinn's Auction Gall 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Woodbridge's School Atlas to Accompany the Rud... World Woodbridge c. 1823 Quinn's Auction Gall 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Geographia Antiqua: Recognita Denuo ... Ancient World Cellarius 1731 Quinn's Auction Gall 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Atlas Geographicus Portatilis XXIX Mappis Orbi... World LOTTER [Family] c.1760 Quinn's Auction Gall 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Voyage de la Corvette l'Astrolabe World Dumont d'Urville 1833 Phillips Auctioneers 1997 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] La Geografia di Claudii Ptolemaei ... Aggiunte... Ancient World Gastaldi 1548 Phillips Auctioneers 1997 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Atlas General World Le Rouge 1742-1749 Phillips Auctioneers 1997 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] A Collection of Plans of the Most Capital Citi... World Andrews 1772 Neil D. MacDonald Fi 1999 $$$  
unknown     Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi Dresse... Eastern United States Delisle 1718 / 17 Martayan Lan 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Atlas Universel par M. Robert Geographe Ordina... World Robert de Vaugondy [ 1757 Martayan Lan 1999 $$$  
unknown     Smith's Terrestrial Globe Containing the Whole of the ... Globes Smith [& Son] c.1850 Martayan Lan 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Atlas] Noyi Atlas Ili Sobranie Kart Vsekh Chastei ...... Russia in Europe Wilbrecht 1793 Martayan Lan 1999 $$$  
unknown     [Book with maps] Compendium of Ancient Geography ... Ancient World Anville 1791 George Ritzlin Maps 1999 $$$  

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