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2016   Map of the Seat of War in Florida Compiled By Order of... Florida U.S. War Department 1839 39.8x28.5   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Florida Florida Carey & Lea 1827 11.9x9.8   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Ceded Part of Dakota Territory Showing Progress of U.S... Dakota Territory U.S. State Surveys 1864 14.1x13.6   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Defenses of Washington. Extract of Military Map of N.... Washington, D.C., Civil U.S. Government 1891 16.3x13.0   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Johnson's Georgetown and the City of Washington - The ... Washington, D.C. Johnson & Ward 1864 12.7x15.7   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Plan of the City of Washington Washington, D.C. Weld 1800 6.7x8.4   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Col... Washington, D.C. Reid 1796 15.8x20.7   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Plan of the City of Washington; Now Building for the M... Washington, D.C. Baker 1793 10.8x13.5   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique du Conne... Connecticut Buchon 1825 9.6x11.4   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   A New Map of Connecticut from the Best Authorities Connecticut Payne 1799 7.4x9.3   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Atlas to Accompany a Monograph on the Geology and Mini... Central Colorado U.S. Geographical Su 1883 22.6x18.4   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Vistas de Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Real Estate & Promot 1901 5.3x37.8   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   City of San Francisco and its Vicinity California San Francisco, Californi U.S. Coast Survey 1859 23.8x34.5   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   [Views of San Francisco and Sacramento] San Francisco & Sacramen Illustrated London N 1850 16.0x10.8   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Geographical Map of the State of California Compiled f... California California 1893 31.6x26.9   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Reconnaissance of the Harbors of Santa Cruz, San Simeo... California U.S. Coast Survey 1852 16.9x13.5   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Sketch Map of Alaska Showing the Location of the Tradi... Alaska U.S. Government 1888 14.3x18.3   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   The Physical Geology of the Grand Canon District [with... Southwestern United Stat Dutton 1881 11.4x7.9   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Johnson's California, with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New... Southwestern United Stat Johnson & Ward 1864 17.0x23.6   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Map of Explorations and Surveys in New Mexico and Utah… Southwestern United Stat Macomb 1860 28.5x34.0   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Map of a Reconnaissance from Carroll Montana Ter. to t... Northwestern United Stat Ludlow 1876 unknown   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Johnson's Washington Oregon and Idaho Northwestern United Stat Johnson & Ward 1864 12.8x15.6   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Map of the United States Territory of Oregon West of t... Northwestern United Stat Albert/Hood 1838 17.4x20.4   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   The Range and Ranch Cattle Area of - the United States Western United States U.S. Government 1884 23.8x24.5   Old World Auctions $$$  
2016   Map to Illustrate Capt. Bonneville's Adventures Among ... Western United States Colton 1849 11.6x18.6   Old World Auctions $$$  

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