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2017   ASIAE DESCRIPTIO NOVISSIMA Asia Blaeu 1659 46.1x61.0   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   ARCHIPELAGUS ORIENTALIS SIVE ASIATICUS Southeast Asia Blaeu 1659 46.2x62.5   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   CARTE D'AMÉRIQUE, DIVISÉE EN SES PRINCIPAUX PAYS. DRES... Western Hemisphere - Ame Clouet 1787 38.5x48.6   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   A DIRECTORY FOR THE NAVIGATION OF THE INDIAN OCEAN Books with maps, Navigat Findlay 1882 5.7x9.6   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   CHEMIN DE FER MÉTROPOLITAIN DE CONSTANTINOPLE OU CHEMI... Books with maps, Instanb Infrequent Publ. - L 1876 18.1x12.6   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   ARABIA UND DAS NIL-LAND Arabia Perthes [Family and 1835 23.6x32.9   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   VOYAGE FAIT PAR ORDRE DU ROY LOUIS XIV DANS LA PALESTI... Books with maps, Middle Arvieux 1717 6.5x3.6   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   CARTES GENERALES DE TOUTES LES PARTIES DU MONDE Atlases, World Sanson/Mariette 1658 44.0x32.0   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM Atlases, World Ortelius 1579 18.1x11.6   Sotheby's $$$  
2017   Nouvelle Carte du Gouvernement Civil d'Angleterre et d... England & Wales Chatelain 1719 13.6x18.1   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   The Road from Glocester to Coventrey… Central England Ogilby 1680 12.0x17.0   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   [Set of 10 maps - British Isles] Britain SDUK Society for the 1830-34 unknown   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Carte Symbolique de l'Europe / Europe en 1914 Europe, World War I Infrequent Publ. - A 1915 16.4x22.3   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914 Europe, World War I Leutert & Schneiderw 1914 10.9x19.1   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   The Travellers of Europe; with Improvements and Additions Europe Spooner 1852 18.7x23.1   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Nova Europae Descriptio Europe Jansson 1660 16.1x21.6   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Nova Europae Descriptio Europe Wit 1660 17.3x22.0   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Europa, ad Magnae Europae Gerardi Mercatoris P. Imitat... Europe Mercator/Hondius 1619 15.1x18.5   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Danish Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean Iceland Fullarton [& Co.] 1860 18.0x12.4   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Chart of the Atlantic Ocean. With an Illustration of t... North Atlantic Blunt [Family] 1831 7.4x12.4   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   A New Map or Chart of the Western or Atlantic Ocean, w... North Atlantic Bowen 1740 13.8x11.7   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Alias Bermudas Dictarum ad ... Bermuda Mercator/Cloppenburg 1630 7.5x10.1   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Carte de Maidenland ou de la Virginie de Hawkins Decou... Falkland Islands Hawkesworth 1774 8.6x11.6   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   A New Mapp of the Island of Saint Hellena St. Helena Mount & Page 1743 16.9x20.6   Old World Auctions $$$  
2017   Isles de Cap-Verd Cape Verde Islands Bonne 1787 9.3x13.6   Old World Auctions $$$  

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