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$$$     Die Erst General Tafel Die Beschreibung und den Circke... World Munster/Petri c. 1588 12.0x10.2   PBA Galleries 2014
$$$     Connecticut Connecticut Mitchell 1846 12.4x15.0   Jonathan Potter Ltd 2010
$$$     Johnson's Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode... Eastern United States Johnson [& Co.] 1864 21.3x14.5   Old World Auctions 1999
$$$     This Geometrical Plan of the Town, Fort & Harbour of S... Britain COBLEY 1834 32.9x27.4   Jonathan Potter Ltd 2010
$$$     A New Map of the Island of Minorca Drawn From an Actua... Minorca, Spain Kitchin 1756 6.8x8.3   Old World Auctions 2011
$$$     Chart of the Northern Part of the Bay of Bengal Laid d... India and Bangladesh Delahaye 1772 18.1x23.5   Old World Auctions 2011
$$$     A New Map of Libya or old Africk Shewing its general D... Africa Wells 1700 14.6x19.4   Old World Auctions 2011
$$$     Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas of the World… Atlases Johnson [& Co.] 1867 18.5x15.0   Old World Auctions 2011
$$$     Map of the Northern, or New England States of America ... Northeastern United Stat RUSSELL 1795 14.2x17.7   Old World Auctions 1999
$$$     Salmon National Forest (West Half) Idaho Boise Meridian Idaho U.S. Department of A 1934 47.4x35.3   Old World Auctions 2016
$$$     (G No. 4) Preliminary Chart of St. Andrew's Bay Florid... St. Andrew's Bay, Florid U.S. Coast Survey 1855 17.6x19.3   Old World Auctions 2017
$$$     (Denbighshire) Wales Lewis & Co. 1831 9.8x7.5   Tooley Adams & Co, L 1987
$$$     (Flintshire) Wales Lewis & Co. 1831 9.8x7.5   Tooley Adams & Co, L 1987
$$$     Map of Scandinavia Scandinavia Anonymous 1899 16.5x13.0   Russborough 1984
$$$     (Mexico & Part of New Mexico) Mexico Kitchin 1755 24.4x11.0   Russborough 1984
$$$     Map of the Valley of the Orinoco River Northern South America NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 1896 10.2x16.1   Russborough 1984
$$$     Map of Sikkim India Royal Geographical S 1881 8.7x9.1   Russborough 1984
$$$     Estancia de San Jorge Uruguay Uruguay Weller 1880 8.7x9.8   Russborough 1984
$$$     Ohio River between Mound City and Cairo… Southern Illinois U.S. Coast Survey 1864 15.0x22.0   Old World Auctions 2016
$$$     Egypt Egypt Morse 1856 16.5x13.4   Charles Sessler 1985
$$$     Spain and Portugal Spain & Portugal Morse c.1840 14.2x11.8   Charles Sessler 1985
$$$     LEICESTERSHIRE England Hughes 1868 11.5x9.5   Richard Nicholson of 2001
$$$     Espagne Spain & Portugal Dufour 1846 9.8x11.8   Waterloo Fine Arts L 1986
$$$     Tarsus Turkey Bartlett 1836 4.7x7.5   Orbis Terrarum 1985
$$$     Progress Sketch, Section VI Florida U.S. Coast Survey 1851 9.1x15.4   Chartifacts 1991

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