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  Integration of OldMaps.com and MapRecord Publications' AMPR

In 1983 David C. Jolly published the first guide for antique map enthusiasts, titled Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts & Battle Plans – Price Guide and Collectors’ Handbook. He published annual volumes until 1992 and was succeeded by Jon Rosenthal (Kimmel Publications) who published a further six volumes until 2000. In 2002 Jeremy Pool (MapRecord Publications) succeeded Jon Rosenthal and converted the Antique Map Price Record (AMPR) from a book format to a CD-ROM database format, bringing all data, from the first 1983 edition onwards, together into a searchable computer-based format. Ten annual editions of the CD-ROM were published between 2002 and 2011. In 2012 Curt and Marti (OldMaps, LLC) will continue this long tradition by integrating the AMPR database into the existing OldMaps.com database.

Plans for the future will actually take OldMaps.com back to David Jolly’s original concept, a Price Guide and Collector’s Handbook. The website will undergo a complete redesign and technical revision that will incorporate many enhanced features including improved search functions. We are currently working on additional cartographer biographies, a dictionary of map-makers, a glossary of terms, recommended reference books, and information on factors affecting value, detecting reproductions, and collection management. OldMaps.com is proud to carry on the work of compiling antique map pricing data and providing collectors with comprehensive resources with which to enjoy their collection.

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