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Buczek, Karol, The History of Polish Cartography from the 15th to the 18th Century. Amsterdam: Meridian Publishing Co., 1982. ISBN 90-6041-146-3. 29x21 cm., xvi, 136 pp. plus 60 plates, cloth.  (PO Box 4061, Amsterdam, Holland, price not stated)

This is a reprint of a work originally published in Poland in 1963 with a new introduction, notes, and bibliography.  It is not designed specifically for collectors, but is a scholarly treatment of both the cartography and the cartographers of Poland.  Nevertheless, collectors will find much of interest in this book, particularly in the sections dealing with the 16th century.  Collectors of Polish maps will already be aware of the bibliography published by the Map Collectors' Circle.  Professor Buczek's book complements that work by providing the necessary scholarly background to fully appreciate the cartography of this region.  The book is packed with fascinating and obscure facts.  Footnotes on many pages exceed the text, and the index is comprehensive.  Recommended for anyone interested in this region.

David C. Jolly, 1985

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