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Calissano, M., L. Barabino & S. Porta, Architettura Rurale in Valle Stura: Il Paesaggio Agicolo nel Cabreo Spinola di Campofreddo. Genoa: Sagep Editrice, 1985, ISBN 88-7058-138-1. 21x23cm., 84pp., 88 monochrome illustrations, paper. (16145 Genova, Piazza Merani 1, Italy, 12,000 lire)

This admittedly rather specialized book deals with the architecture of rural Liguria as revealed by a volume of about 70 survey maps done in the late 18th century.  Many of the maps are have attractive sketches of the principal building of the plot surveyed.  The maps are all reproduced, along with a few others of the region. Though specialized, this book may appeal to architects and students of Itlaian cartography.

David C. Jolly, 1988

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