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Coppo, Pietro, introduction by L._Lago, Il Portolano. Trieste: Edizioni LINT, 1985. (no ISBN).  12x8cm., 157pp., illustrated, cloth, paper slipcase, numbered edition of 500 copies. (Via di Romagna, 34134 Trieste, Casella Postale 501, Italy, 95,000 lire)

It has been a long time between editions, but a facsimile of this extremely rare atlas is available.  This small geography was perhaps intended for pocket use.  The maps are relatively crude, though similar geographically to the larger work of Lago & Rossit.  There are six maps and a windrose.  There is no direct connection with portolan charts, despite the title.  Libraries with collections of 16th-century maps might wish to purchase a copy for reference.  It is unlikely that any more originals will surface, and it could well be another four or five centuries before the next reprint!

David C. Jolly, 1988

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