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Dreyer-Eimbcke, Oswald, Island, Grönland und das nördliche Eismeer im Bild der Kartographie seit dem 10 Jahrhundert. Mitteilungen der Geografischen Gesellschaft in Hamburg, Band 77, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH, 1987. ISBN 3-515-05102-3. 23xl6cm., 170pp., plus folding plates, paper. (Postfach 10 15 26, BirkenwaldstraBe 44, D-7000 Stuttgart 10, West Germany, DM 65.00)

This detailed scholarly work provides considerable useful information, not only about Greenland and Iceland, but also the North Atlantic in general.  Separate chapters discuss the important maps of Olaus Magnus and Zeno.  An especially interesting chapter covers mythical islands, such as Frisland and St. Brendan's Island.  Though many important maps are discussed in detail, buyers should be warned that this is not a comprehensive listing of all maps of this region.  Rather, it is a comprehensive history, well illustrated by important maps.  The narrative begins with the very earliest maps and extends through the 19th century, up to Peary (and Dr. Cook!).  The book concludes with a very useful bibliography listing many works on the mapping of the North Atlantic and the Arctic.  One map attributed to Gibson, circa 1760, is actually from Gentleman's Magazine of that year.  Curiously, it is colored, and was reproduced in color.

David C. Jolly, 1990

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