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Graffagnino, J. Kevin, The Shaping of Vermont from the Wilderness to the Centennial I749-1877. Rutland: Vermont Heritage Press & Bennington: The Bennington Museum, 1983. ISBN 0-911853-01-4. 39x30cm., xxxii, 148pp., illustrated, cloth. (Vermont Heritage Press, 10 Cleveland Ave., Rutland, VT 05701, $49.50)

This is one of a growing genre of regional mapping books.  In this example, an informative introductory essay is followed by 35 entries describing maps and views of Vermont.  Some of the entries are manuscript maps, and the work is not a comprehensive bibliography of Vermont maps.  However, the text is ample, and there are many supplementary illustrations.  Practically everything you want to know about Vermont mapping will be found here.  This is a finely produced book with some fine color illustrations.  In addition to the cloth edition described here, there is a limited edition and a paper edition.  I recommend the cloth edition for the average user.  Dealers, scholars, and individuals interested in Vermont will enjoy this book.  It would also make a fine gift for any Vermonters you may know.  The small publishers who bestow these gems on us should be encouraged (by buying the book, if you miss my meaning).  Financial success would lead to more such books from this and other publishers.

David C. Jolly, 1986

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