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Jolly, David C.,  Maps in British Periodicals: Part I, Major Monthlies before 1800. Brookline: David C. Jolly, 1990. ISBN 0-911775-51-X. 23x15cm., 256pp., cloth. (P.O. Box 931, Brookline, MA 02146, $35.00)

This book covers exactly the same ground as the work by C.M. Klein, though 1089 items (compared to Klein's 955 items) are listed.  The major reason for the greater number of items is that sea battle plans, typographically composed plans, archaeological plans, and perspective plans are included.  Each entry gives the full title, imprint, engraver's signature, insets, month, binder's instructions, coloring, any reference works mentioning the map, cross-references to earlier or later states of the plate, and comments.  There are indexes by reference cited, personal name, engraver, geographical area, and title.  There are a few statistical tables, including a tabulation of which engravers engraved for what magazines when.  It was decided to split this work into two parts.  Part 11, which is about a third finished, will included the likes of Royal Society Transactions, Royal Magazine, Grand Magazine of Universal Intelligence, Naval Chronicle, Annual Register, and a few dozen assorted other periodicals.  Many of the periodicals to be included are quite rare and hard to locate, but Part II will be published in due season, when the information gathering is completed.

David C. Jolly, 1990

[For a review of Volume 2 of this work, click here.]

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