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Jolly, David C., Maps in British Periodicals, Part II.  Annuals, Scientific Periodicals & Miscellaneous Magazines, Mostly before 1800. Brookline: David C. Jolly, 1991. ISBN 0-911775-52-8. 23xl5cm, 320pp., 1 illus., cloth. (P.O. Box 931, Brookline, MA 02146, $45.00, $75.00 for Parts I & II together)

This is, obviously, the sequel to Part 1, which covered Gentleman's, London, Political, Scots, and Universal Magazines up to 1800.  Part II describes over 900 maps from over 50 periodicals, including Grand Magazine of Magazines, Royal Magazine, Magazine of Magazines, General Magazine of Arts and Sciences, Naval Chronicle, Universal Museum, Edinburgh Magazine, Compleat History of Europe, and many others.  Also included are scientific periodicals such as the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions, Philosophical Transactions Abridged, Archaeologia, Royal Irish Academy Transactions, and others.  Each entry gives the complete title, imprint, engraver's signature, dimensions, and other information.  For convenience, the index for Part II includes all items in Part 1. The index is divided into separate sections for reference cited, personal name, engraver, geographical location, title, and year.  Both parts together include over 2000 maps, many of them quite rare.  Some are known in single copies, while others are known to have existed, but have apparently not survived to our day.  My goal in compiling this work was to bring together in one place these ephemeral maps.  They were printed by the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, but their rarity today has often led them to be ignored by scholars.  They must have exerted a great influence on public opinion at the time.

David C. Jolly, 1991

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