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Karamitsanis, Aphrodite, ed., From Terra Incognita to the Prairie West. A Map Exhibit. Edmonton: Friends of Geographical Names of Alberta Society, 1988. ISBN 09693458-0-0. 22x28cm., 59pp., illustrated, paper. (8820-112 St., Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2P8, Canada, $17.00 Canadian).

This catalog accompanied an exhibition in October 1988 at the Provincial Museum of Alberta.  A brief introduction describes how cartographical knowledge of this region grew.  About 40 maps are illustrated, each accompanied by a brief essay, from the 1566 Zaltieri map to a 1988 map by provincial authorities.  The reproductions are good, though a bit small in a few cases.  Line breaks and italics are indicated in the titles in the formal descriptions accompanying the entries.  This is commendable, but foreign titles are translated into English, with line breaks and italics forced into the translation.  You can't do that!  A couple of interesting Indian maps are illustrated.  There is a good bibliography at the end.  An unusual touch is the use of compass-rose paper for portions of the book.  Those wondering what compass-rose paper is will just have to buy the book.

David C. Jolly, 1990

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