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Lanman, Jonathan T., Glimpses of History from Old Maps: A Collectors View, Tring: Map Collector Publications Ltd., 1989. ISBN 0-906430-10-0. 26xl8cm., vii, 102pp., illustrated, cloth. (48 High St., Tring, Herts HP23 5BH, England, £145)

Unfortunately, Dr. Lanman did not live to see the publication of this nicely produced book.  Like many physicians, Dr. Lanman was a long-time collector and researcher of maps.  This work contains a number of brief essays, among them, Chinese maritime charts and a seaway to Africa, the Virgin and the crescent moon, the medieval T-0 maps, the world map in Hereford Cathedral, the portolan charts, names from China on western maps, and maps from the age of Sultan Süleyman the magnificent.  One can see the wide range of his interests.  I found the essays quite informative and entertaining, and I think many collectors will enjoy this book.  The only drawback is the somewhat high price, but the fine color plate section in the center probably contributed to this.  I once asked for a quote on a color frontispiece for the Price Record, and when I received it, thought it was either a decimal place error or a bad joke.  It turned out they were serious, and that is why the frontispiece is not in color.

David C. Jolly, 1991

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