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Michael, D.P.M., The Mapping of Monmouthshire: A Descriptive Catalogue of Pre-Victorian Maps of the County (now Gwent) from Saxton in 1577 with Details of British Atlases Published during that Period. Bristol & Gwent: Regional Publications (Bristol) Ltd. ISBN 0-906570-18-2. 28x2lcm., 112pp., illustrated, paper (5 Springfield Rd., Abergavenny, Gwent, NP7 5TD, Wales, £10.95).

There are many books dealing with maps of specific counties, but this is one of the finest.  Some interesting introductory material deals with early mapmaking, and the history of Monmouthshire.  I found the section on the naming of Monmouthshire quite interesting.  The various linguistic waves that swept the county are recounted, including the Roman, Norman, and English influences.  The entries in the main listing give the title, dimension, date, additional descriptive information, and comments.  My only complaint is that the entries are not numbered for easy reference.  The main listing extends to 1836, and a supplementary essay deals with the Ordnance Survey.  The 62 illustrations, many in color, are quite welcome, and are enhanced by the large format.  The only omission I noted is the map from Exshaws, Gentleman's and London Magazine.

David C. Jolly, 1991

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