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Moore, John N., The Mapping of Scotland: A Guide to the Literature of Scottish Cartography Prior to the Ordnance Survey. Aberdeen: Department of Geography, University of Aberdeen, O'Dell Memorial Monograph No. 15, 1983. ISSN 0141-1454. 29x2lcm., 73pp., paper. (St.  Mary’s, High St., Old Aberdeen AB9 2UF, Scotland, price not known)

The Scots are a curious race with a number of salient characteristics, almost all of them carried to excess.  Perhaps the two best known characteristics are a weakness for drink and a penchant for penny-pinching.  These are commonly combined by noting that a Scot will drink any given amount.  Another quality is extreme intelligence.  It is well known that 19th-century England was run by the Scottish.  A story told in Scotland but seldom heard in England relates how a young chappie went south to London to learn business at a large company.  Upon his return one year later his mither asked if he had met any fine young Englishmen.  He replied that he had not met any Englishmen at all, explaining that he had only associated with the directors.  Experienced mariners recognize ships out of Aberdeen by the absence of hovering seagulls, those birds having long ago learned the futility of waiting for scraps to be tossed overboard.  Monographs from Aberdeen are likewise devoid of gulls, but much useful information hovers between the covers.  This work lists 235 books, articles, and dissertations related to Scottish mapping.  The arrangement is geographical, and each entry is annotated with a brief abstract of the contents.  The treatment is scholarly, and anyone interested in Scottish maps would do well to obtain a copy.  It seems unlikely that anything from Aberdeen would be free, but I think that a polite request might be rewarded with a gratis copy.  Miracles occasionally happen.

David C. Jolly, 1986

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