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Moulton, Gary E., ed., Atlas of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Volume 1. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1985. ISBN 0-8032-2861-9. 50x35cm., ix, 24, plus 126 reproduced maps, cloth. (901 North 17th St., Lincoln, NE 68588, $100.00)

This monumental tome reproduces in superb quality the manuscript maps from Lewis and Clark's famous exploration of the American northwest.  The previous edition of the Journals appeared in 1904, and new manuscript maps have become available since.  These are drawn together here, along with fairly extensive introductory text, and some pre- and post-expedition maps.  Several index maps show how the individual maps fit together along the route.  The legends on the reproductions are intended to be read by scholars, and, indeed, almost every notation is quite readable. The quality of the paper, binding, printing, and photography is so high that one suspects the National Endowment for the Humanities mistakenly overfunded the project. Any mistake, however, is the reader's gain. The book fills a-real need in pulling together this material for students of western exploration, and one looks forward to the succeeding volumes of the Journal.

David C. Jolly, 1987

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