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Perry, T.M. and Dorothy F. Prescott, compilers. A Guide to Maps of Australia in Books Published 1780-1830.  Canberra: National Library of Australia, 1996.  ISBN 0 642 25237 8.  10x7 inches; viii, 315 pp; a few illustrations. Cloth. (Aus$75.00 + shipping; Sales and Distribution, National Library of Australia, Canberra ACT 2600)

For Australia, this guide to maps in books fills a need that is shared by many geographic entities: a listing of maps in books and not just atlases.  While most works are European, Australian sources and the American Jedidiah Morse are included.  Among the almost 600 maps cited are those in narratives of travels, in histories such as Cook's or La Perouse' voyages, and charts.  Arranged chronologically, the cross-indexing by author of the source, map titles and geographic areas, and even titles of inset maps, facilitates use of the guide.  The meaning and use of terms, place names like "Nuyt's Land" or descriptive phrases such as "Van Dieman's Land linked to New Guinea" are made clear.  Before going to press, we have used our own geographic index to offer entries from the guide as a reference where possible.  In the case of a map from a foreign language edition of Cook's voyages, we were unable to find a reference, but perhaps this was from our unfamiliarity with the indexing system or the subject matter.  The guide will undoubtedly be of intense interest to cartophiles focusing on Australia, its surroundings and its emergent history.  For others, it will serve as model for similar, much needed works on other parts of the world.

Jon K. Rosenthal, 1998

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