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Potter, Jonathan, Country Life Book of Antique Maps: An Introduction to the History of Maps and How to Appreciate Them. London: Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd., 1988. ISBN 1555-213-634. 30x22cm., 192pp., illustrated, cloth.

The lead-off review this year is this fine general-purpose reference on early maps.  The book is aimed at collectors, and has good introductory sections on collecting and appreciating maps.  This is followed by chapters covering the mapping of various regions, such as England, Africa, America, and so on.  A final section covers more unusual items, such as celestial charts, globes, and the like.  The illustrations are excellent, and well integrated with the text.  I am certain this book will take its place on the shelf of almost every collector and dealer, along with Tooley, and Moreland & Bannister.  I have added it to the list of recommended references.

David C. Jolly, 1990

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