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Quaini, Massimo, Pianta della Due Riviere della Serenissima Repubblica di Genova divise ne' Commissariati di Sanita. Genoa: Sagep Editrice, 1983. ISBN 88-7058-097-0. 28x22cm., 23lpp., illustrated, cloth. (16145 Genova, Piazza Merani 1, 50,000 lire).

This work deals with the manuscript surveys of Matteo Vinzoni undertaken in the early 18th century for reasons of public health.  They are beautifully reproduced. Most show small strips of coastline near Genoa. The maps are meticulously executed, and are usually decorated with ships and elaborately lettered titles.  The average map collector seldom encounters such maps.  It is to the benefit of scholars everywhere that such work can be disseminated more widely so that this branch of mapmaking can be more widely appreciated.

David C. Jolly, 1987

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