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Taliaferro, Henry G., comp., Jane A. Kenamore & Uli Haller eds., Cartographic Sources in the Rosenberg Library. College Station: Texas A. & M. University Press, 1988. ISBN 0-89096-161-1. 23xl5cm., xiii, 234pp., illustrated, cloth (Drawer C, College Station, TX 77843, $32,50)

An introductory essay on the early cartography of the Texas coast introduces a list of maps in the library.  The maps described range from the 1525 edition of the Admiral's Map, and the small Apianus world map up to recent maps of the 1960s.  The information for each entry includes title and dimension, and, in many cases, some additional remarks.  Collectors of the Gulf Area will find this listing helpful.  There are quite a few entries for the 18th century, including maps by Coronelli, Homann, Seutter, Danet, Buache, and others.  All told, there are 558 entries.  Though the Rosenberg Library collection "focuses on Galveston, as it relates to Texas, the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and adjacent coasts," many world maps, and even the stray map or two of Massachusetts are in the listing.  Still, the emphasis is on the Gulf Coast.  The first maps definitely showing the coast are said to date from Pineda in 1519.  This is clearly a useful book for the Texas collector.  Research libraries, needless to say, should find this book essential.

David C. Jolly, 1991

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