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Zoegner, Lothar, ed., Bibliographia Cartographia: International Documentation of Cartographical Literature. Munich: K.G. Saur, Vol.11, 1984. ISBN 3-598-20627-5, ISSN 0340-0409. 21xl5cm., xii, 213pp., paper. (K.G. Saur Inc., 175 5th Ave., New York, NY 10010, $24)

Many collectors may be unfamiliar with this annual roundup of the cartographic literature.  The 1984 edition lists over 3,000 books and journal articles, organized into twelve categories, globes. These categories include theoretical cartography, cartographic technology, globes, and so on.  Naturally, of most interest here is the section entitled History of Cartography.  Under this heading are 519(!) entries, subgrouped under headings like Africa, Oceans, Biography, and Arctic and Antarctic.  I note with satisfaction that the 1983 edition of the Price Record is listed (in the General Features category).  Bibliographia Cartographia is an indispensable reference for even smaller libraries.  Dealers and serious collectors will also find the work quite handy in calling their attention to publications in their particular areas of interest.  Despite the German origin of this work, all important text appears in English, German, and French.  Titles of entries in those languages are not translated, but titles in other languages are translated (into English).  The editor and his numerous collaborators in many nations are to be commended for their diligence in scouring the cartographical literature to compile this impressive reference.

David C. Jolly, 1986

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