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This is the fourth annual edition of this work.  Only a few minor changes have been made, since the format seems to be reasonably satisfactory.  Dictionaries of words found on Dutch maps and terms used in German catalogs have been added.  Apologies are made for including an advertisement near the back, if only for this book and some mailing lists we are offering.  This will save having to explain the ordering terms every time someone sees the book and wants to place an order.  The price has been held constant for the fourth consecutive year, perhaps a record in the publishing industry.  This has been achieved with various economies of production, but other costs are rising, especially shipping costs.  A modest price increase may become necessary.

Discounts are now offered to anyone, dealer or not, ordering three or more copies.  This will have little practical effect, since most non-dealers only buy one copy of the current volume.  However, anyone desiring to save money, particularly on back issues, should refer to the advertisement at the back of the book.

Those who read this page last year may recall my views on the lunacy of using the metric system.  Those views were given wider currency in the scientific journal Nature (Vol.  316, p.  480, August 8, 1985) where I suggested returning to the English system of units.  The only effect of that plea was that I received a smattering of hate mail from scientists around the world.

Readers may wish to subscribe to Mapline, published by the Newberry Library.  This is a quarterly newsletter with articles, news of the map world, and reviews of recently published books.  The rate is $5.00 per year from Mapline, The Newberry Library, 60 West Walton St., Chicago, IL 60610.

David C. Jolly
Appeared in Volume 4 (1986).

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