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Price Trends for the 50 Most Frequently Listed Map-Makers

The following graphs plot the prices for all items in Volumes 1-18 of the Antique Map Price Record by the 50 map-makers with the highest frequency of items listed.  Each item is plotted as a small symbol, but the large number of items means that individual symbols aren't easily seen (except for individual high-priced outliers).  However, a line is drawn connecting the median values for each year, so you can get a good general sense of the overall trend.

The prices are plotted on a logarithmic scale, due to the wide range and skewed distribution of the prices.  This means that each horizontal grid line corresponds to a price 10 times that of the next lower grid line.  Knowing this helps to see what otherwise might seem to be a somewhat subtle differences between the graphs.  Note, in the second row, the price trend for items by Mitchell and Colton.  These show a quite sharp rise in the current year's volume (2003), and a more than 10-fold increase in the median price over the 20 year period.  Compare this to Blaeu and Ortelius, in the first row of graphs, where the 20-year change is clearly less.  For some map-makers, such as Zatta, there seems to hardly have been any change over time.

All of these graphs should be taken with a large grain of salt.  There are all sorts of reasons why the numbers reflected here might be much less reliable than what would be revealed by a carefully controlled sampling.  The data were not collected for statistical analysis, and changes in the tendencies of what the Price Record editors chose to publish could well skew the results one way or the other.  Nevertheless, there is so much data here that it is likely that the basic patterns that come through reflect something of actual trends.  The graphs are ordered by the frequency count, with Bellin leading off the list.  Use the following alphabetic index to quickly jump to a particular map-maker.

Alphabetic Index to Graphs

Anonymous De Wit Rand, McNally & Co.
Arrowsmith Gentleman's Magazine Ruscelli
Bellin Homann & Homann Heirs Sanson
Blaeu Hondius S.D.U.K.
Bonne Jansson Seutter
Bowen, E. Jefferys Speed
Bradford Johnson Tallis
Braun & Hogenberg Lotter Tanner
British Admiralty Mallet Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.
Carey Mercator Thomson
Carey & Lea Merian U.S. Coast Survey
Colton Mitchell, S.A. U.S. Government
Coronelli Moll U.S. State Surveys
Cram Morden Van Keulen
De Bry Mortier Visscher
De Fer Munster Zatta
De Vaugondy Ortelius

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