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Frequency of Listings for the Most Represented Map-Makers

The following graph shows the frequency of listings by the top 50 map-maker attributions found in the 20 years of the Antique Map Price Record.  The coloring within each bar indicates the period when the listings appeared.  It is evident that certain map-makers were represented more heavily during one period than during others.  For example, note that roughly half (actually 45%) of the 1,178 Munster entries came from the Jolly period (1983-1992); whereas for Tallis, it appears that about two thirds (actually 68%) of the entries appeared in the Jolly volumes.  (Overall, the Jolly years currently account for 55% of the entries in the entire database.) One might hazard some guesses as to what these differences reflect: Changes in the frequency with which maps by particular map-makers actually appear for sale? Changes in the choice of which maps dealers choose to feature in their catalogues? Changes in which dealers the Price Record editors chose to use from year to year?  Or, most likely, a combination of these and other factors.

To explore the trends in price listings for these same 50 map-makers, look at the price trend graphs.

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