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King, Geoffrey L., The Printed Maps of Staffordshire 1577-1850. 2nd ed. Friars Terrace: Staffordshire Libraries, Arts & Archives, 1988. ISBN 0-903363-36-4. 21xl4cm., 72pp., illustrated, paper. (Library Headquarters, Friars Terrace, Stafford ST17 4AY, England)

This nicely done bibliography lists 101 maps of Staffordshire in chronological order, giving title, date, dimensions, scale, publisher or engraver, and additional information, such as whether later editions were published.  Many scarce items are to be found in this list.  An introductory essay puts the surveying of the county in perspective.  The layout of each entry is especially praiseworthy, with the various types of information set apart clearly for easy reading.  My only minor complaints are that full titles are not given, and that the index gives page number, rather than entry number, necessitating scanning all entries on a page to find the one desired.  I might add that books like this are useful not only to Staffordshire buffs.  A comprehensive indexed list such as this can help identify other county maps.

David C. Jolly, 1990

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