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Larsgaard, Mary Lynette, Map Librarianship: An Introduction, 2nd ed., Littleton: Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1987. ISBN 0-87287-537-7. 23xl5cm., xxvii, 382pp., cloth. (P.O. Box 263, Littleton, CO 80160, $43.50)

1 am not sure I can convince very many libraries to buy this excellent reference, since I suspect most map libraries already have a copy.  It is an excellent general purpose guide to the many mysteries of map librarianship.  The seven main chapters are: Selection and Acquisition; Classification; Cataloging and Computer Applications; Storage, Care, and Repair; Reference Services; Public Relations and Marketing; and Education.  There are also several appendices, including a list of conservation supply outlets, and several specialized bibliographies, including historical cartography.  I was pleased that this latter section mentions the Price Record, though not under serials where it probably belongs.  I personally found the information on classification and cataloging schemes quite interesting, though I grew dizzy at all the different systems.  Thankfully, there are occasional nuggets of humor to enliven the normally dry-as-bones topics covered.  The book is extremely well planned and organized.  There is even a list of acronyms and abbreviations.  I now know what OCLC stands for after wondering for seven years!  In addition to libraries, I think serious collectors and dealers who encounter libraries frequently in their work would find the book quite useful.

David C. Jolly, 1990

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