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Quaini, M., ed., Carte e Cartografi in Liguria. Genoa: Sagep Editrice. 1986, ISBN 88-7058-212-4. 2lx23cm 296pp., 208 monochrome illustrations plus 60 color plates, paper. (16145 Genova, Piazza Merani 1, I Italy, 30,000 lire)

This beautifully printed book, designed to accompany an exhibit, contains everything anyone could possibly want to know about the Cartography of Liguria.  This is no mere exhibit catalog.  There are long essays by various experts, lavishly illustrated.  A helpful touch are two separate, extensive indexes, one of places and one of persons.  Students of Italian cartography will enjoy this fine book.

David C. Jolly, 1988

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