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West Coast of South America. Peru and Bolivia . . .Quilca to Cobija From Observations made on Board of H.M.S. Princess Louisa, Royal Prussian Mercantile Navy, 1827 and various Authorities. . . 1839

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Rare English language privately printed chart of t... (full text available to subscribers)
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  Subject:  South America - Western  
  Period/Size:  1839 / 21.5" x 14.0"  (54.7 x 35.6 cm)  
  Color:  Black & White  
  Condition:  Some soiling at old fold (condition help)  
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  Offered by:  Barry L. Ruderman Antique Maps Inc.  
  Catalog:  Recent Additions - October 2011 (6078)  
  Lot/Item #:  0333gh  
  Date:  10/2011  

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