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Map Showing the Routes Travelled by the Command of Majr. E. Steen, U.S. Drags., against the Snake Indians in 1860, by Lieut. Joseph Dixon ...

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U.S. War Department

37th Cong, 2nd Sess, Sen Ex Doc No.1. Julius Bien,... (full text available to subscribers)
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U.S. War Department

  Subject:  Oregon  
  Period/Size:  1860 / 24.0" x 33.5"  (61.0 x 85.1 cm)  
  Color:  Unknown  
  Condition:  Lt browning at some folds; sh fold intersection splits repaired; overall exc. B&W. (condition help)  
  Source:  Topographical Memoir of the Command against the Snake Indians ....  
  References:  Wheat, C.I. (TM) 1016.  
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  Offered by:  Richard Fitch Old Maps & Prints & Books  
  Catalog:  Catalog 54 - Americana (82)  
  Lot/Item #:  259  
  Date:  1997  

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