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Newtons New & Improved Terrestrial Globe Containing the Latest Dist. [2" Miniature Globe]

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Newton & Son

Newtons New & Improved Terrestrial Globe Containing the Latest Dist. [2

The amount of cartographic detail on this pocket g... (full text available to subscribers)
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Newton & Son

  Subject:  Miniature Globe  
  Period/Size:  1833 / 4.5" x 8.0"  (11.5 x 20.4 cm)  
  Color:  Colored  
  Condition:  (B+) The globe gores are near fine with only a few tiny nicks along the equator. There are occasional small abrasions that have removed the original varnish, but the gores are intact. The top half of the housing case has a 0.75" by 0.75" chip where it m (condition help)  
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  Offered by:  Old World Auctions  
  Catalog:  Auction No. 167 - Antique Maps, Charts, Atlases & Globes (9435)  
  Lot/Item #:  30  
  Date:  03/2018  

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