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Acquitania Gallery   Hyberniae ... Ireland ALLARD [Family] c.1697 22.8x19.7   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   A New Plan of London Westminster and Southwark ... England Ashby 1771 16.5x27.2   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali, cum Terri... Caribbean Blaeu [Family] 1640 15.0x20.5   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographic... World Blaeu [Family] 1630 16.1x21.3   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Ierusalem, et Suburbia eius, sicut Tempore Christi Flo... Holy Land Braun & Hogenberg 1588 14.6x18.9   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   United States United States Cornell c.1870 12.6x20.5   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Planisfero del Mondo Nuovo, Descritto dal P. Coronelli... Western Hemisphere - Ame Coronelli 1697 15.4x24.0   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Cette Carte de Californie et du Nouveau Mexique est Ti... United States & Mexico Fer 1700 9.1x13.4   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Carte de la Californie Suivant I. La Carte Manuscrite ... California Diderot 1770 11.4x15.0   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Map Illustrating the System of Parcs, the Domestic Rel... Western United States Gilpin 1873 20.9x22.4   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi seu Provinciae Ludovic... Eastern United States Homann [Family] c.1737 19.3x22.8   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Partie Occidentale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada ... Midwest United States Homann [Family] 1755 16.5x21.3   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Mappa Aestivarum Insularum, alias Barmudas Dictarum ..... Bermuda Hondius [Family] 1633 15.4x20.5   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Amerique Septentrionale, Divisee en ses Principales Pa... North America JAILLOT [Family] 1692 22.0x34.3   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Les Isles Britanniques; qui Contiennent les Royaumes d... Britain JAILLOT [Family] 1719 22.4x33.9   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   America Septentrionalis North America Jansson 1638 18.5x22.0   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographic... World Jansson 1641 15.0x21.3   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Carte ... Iles Sandwich ... Hawaii La Perouse 1797 19.3x14.2   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Carte ... Iles Sandwich ... Hawaii La Perouse n.d. unknown   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographic... World Merian [Family] 1638 10.2x14.2   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Die Neuwen Inselen / so zu unsern Zeiten durch die Kun... Western Hemisphere - Ame Munster 1546 10.6x13.4   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Meerwunder und Seltzame Thier wie die in den Mitnachti... Cartographic Miscellany Munster c.1561 11.0x13.4   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Tabula Novarum Insularum, quas Diversis Respectibus Oc... Western Hemisphere - Ame Munster 1550 10.2x13.4   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Typus Orbis a Ptol. Descriptus Ancient World Munster 1549 - 15 10.2x13.4   1995 $$$  
Acquitania Gallery   Indiae Orientalis Insularumque Adiacientium Typus Southeast Asia Ortelius 1580 13.8x19.7   1995 $$$  

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